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Give Something Back International Foundation

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Who may participate?
Teacher guided Primary (Grades 1-7) and Secondary (Grades 8-12, or equivalent) classes and youth groups around the world that have access to the Internet and know or are willing to learn Google Sites are eligible. A  group should have 15-40 students, between 7 and 18 years old as of September. If more than 40 students would like to participate, please apply as two groups and submit separate applications.

Technical skill requirements
The teacher in charge must be familiar with Google Sites and capable of helping students build web pages.

Commitment to the project
Teacher and students must be willing to make a serious commitment to collaborating with their partner schools for the duration of the project. Our emphasis is on teamwork across cultural and geographic distances, which is much harder than working together in the same room or even the same country.

Program Schedule
Recruiting Period - Applications open from July 1 through September 25
School Registration - Application and Registration Deadline September 30
Announce Participating Teams - October 1-3

Work Period
Self Introduction - October 1-30
Planning and Web Authoring - November through February
Review / Edit- March 1- 31
Website Completion Deadline - March 31

Judging and Feedback
Feedback Form
Filled out by each teacher on the team - April 25
Judging Period
Judging Begins - April 1
Announce Results of Final Judging and Awards - May 1-5

Thanks to the Flat Classroom Project and Chris Betcher who
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